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    Undergrad in the UK or the USA

    Hello there I've heard that undergraduate course in Physics/Maths/Eng in universities in UK and US differ in a few ways. I could search through the websites of renowned Universities of both these countries, unfortunately, I have a big exam coming up soon, and do not have much time to do this...
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    Renewable Energy- I have a Dream

    Renewable Energy--- I have a Dream Three years ago, I found PF and was at this very same crossroad. Medcine? Or Phyical/Natural Science???? I have this dream, to help creat free energy. Where does that fall into? An engineering course or straight away work for a pHd, running around in...
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    Factorising a differntiated equation

    Hello there, I'm quite weak in factorising functions,especially those with indices. I would appreciate any link on these kind of factorisation or even some tutoring on it. this is a question I'm stuck in. y=(2x+3)(4x-3)^1/2, show dy/dx can be written in the form kx/(4x-3)^1/2 my...
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    Documentary about the geniuses of the past millenium

    hello everyone... Well I've always wanted to do something with physics or maths and just totally love these two. But lately this ambition was fading away till like a few hours ago when I watched this documentary about the geniuses of the past millenium, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and...
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    Space physics

    I came across this term called space physics. It says that "Space physics, also known as space plasma physics, is the study of plasmas as they occur naturally in the universe." Is it cosmology or astrophysics. Or is it something different but under one of these branches!?
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    Resolution of forces(tension force)

    The two diagrams show a load hanging with 2 strings of the same size and type hanging from a flat plane. Find the tention on each string for both situations. I know that Fy of both strings in Diagram 1 are equal. Fy=Fy Thus the...
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    For all disney lovers

    How many Disney films have you seen? Put a cross in the box if you have seen the film and add up as you go along! (This isn't sad at all. No, sir). [x] High School Musical [x] Holes [x] Lizzie McGuire Movie [x] Cheetah Girls [x] Halloween Town [x] Halloween Town High [x] Cadet Kelly total so...
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    Enigma question

    erloooo everybody! I was just wondering if anybody could recommend me any challenging enigma question books....?! or even urls for some interesting sites regarding enigma..... ty!
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    Programs If i take Physics as a major

    hello everyone I was just wondering, if i want to take physics or maths as my major degrees in the future , what subjects are a must in pre-u n what other subjects will be great help to me for doing so. Thank you. ~innocentyy confusious~:redface:
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    Save the corals.

    hello everybody, just wanted to send a reminder to everybody that we play a role in saving the environment. Lately in my country all the beautiful corals have been dying, the coral bed simply looks like somebody poured some cement into it. The air....everyday, dont u feel it getting...
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    Programs Major fields of physics

    those wanting to know the major fields of physics.....go to this url :biggrin:
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    Programs Doind double majors-physics n maths

    Doing double majors--physics n maths Hello there.... I'm finishing my final year in high sch by october(i'm from the southern hemisphere) and still confused about my future. I love maths and also love physics. I was just wondering whether i can do a double major!? how long will it take...