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    Finding the Derivative.

    hello, i need some assistance on this problem: y = e^(1+lnx) 1st. I brought down the (1+lnx) by using natural log on both sides. lny*y'=(1+lnx)*lne y'/y=(1/x)*1 y'=e^(1+lnx)*(1/x) what do i do next?
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    Zumdahl's Chemistry

    Hello, If anyone know an online book website for Zumdahl's Chemistry Fifth Edition please share it, i am looking for it. Also, if anyone have the answer book, pdf file? or link plz let me know. Thanks
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    Symmetric Difference Qutotient

    Show agrebraically that symmetric difference quotient produces the exact derivative f'(x) = 2ax+b for the quadractic function f(x) = ax^2+bx+c i know that: f(a + h) - f(a - h) Symmetric Difference Quotient = -------------------...
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    Dna and Protein?

    how are DNA and proteins similar in structure? :confused:
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    What is PF3(CH3)2?

    PF3(CH3)2? i was wondering about the structure(molecular)
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    Limit of

    x^x, is this same as a^x?
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    Standard Enthalpy of formation

    I've google and read, but could anyone tell me how to find out the standard enthalpy of formation for any compound? :confused: thnx