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    Surge Protection

    I had a circuit of buck convertor that converting 24V dc to 4V dc. 24V dc input is from a PSU (Meanwell's PLN series), once it go in, it connects to a Polyfuse, then polarity diode (in series), then Common mode choke, then it's my converter's input capacitor (35V 47uF AVX's TAJ series)...
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    Varnish or Potting, Which one is Better to Avoid Humming Noise from Inductor

    Someone just tell me that, "varnishing an inductor can reduce humming noise much better than encupsulating it", and this is what his friend told him where his friend worked in power supply field for over 10years. (But I don't know did his "encupsulating" means potting) Or did he mean varnish...
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    Tant. Cap VS E. Cap

    As I know, tant cap and e. cap are also the selection for high capacitance value under high voltage rating's condition. But due to the principle of e. cap, it requires some liquid inisde itself to provide capacitance. So if the circuit's ambient temperature is high, that may vaporize the...
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    Audible noise from SMPS

    Hello, I'm a newbie for this forum, and I don't have much practical experience on SMPS too. I found this forum when I'm searching for my solution from internet. My Circuit: I'm using a simple buck converter: Vin: 24V Vout:3.3V Iout: 1.5A (dynamic load) The loading is running in PWM...