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    Mathematica Mathematica Evaluation Time

    Hello! I am interested whether it is normal for the program Mathematica to eat 99% from my CPU when evaluating a notebook. Well, it is not just some notebook, but a notebook that contains five matrices, 63 520 entries each. It would be grate, if somebody has some information on this topic.
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    MATLAB An Unsolvable Integral (according to Matlab)

    Hello! I have the following problem: I cannot solve the integral below by the means of Matlab. \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{e^{-t^2}}{\left(2-t\right)^2 + 16} dt When I write the following in Matlab >> syms t; >> y = exp(-t^2) / (16 + (2 - t)^2); >> int(y, t, -inf, inf) it...
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    System of differential equations - a big problem solving it

    Hi! I have a serious problem solving the following system of differential equations: m_1\ddot{x_1}=-k_1x_1-k(x_1-x_2) m_2\ddot{x_2}=-k_2x_2-k(x_2-x_1) Does anybody have an idea how to solve it? Thanks.
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    The Lorentz force in the MKS and CGS measurement systems

    Hi there! I have a problem deriving the formula for the Lorenz force that I found in my lecture notes in Theoretical Mechanics. The formula is: \vec{F}=q \cdot \vec{E} + \frac{q \cdot (\vec{v} \times \vec{B})}{c} Where: \vec{F} is the Lorentz force \vec{E} is the electric...