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    Three fermions

    According to classical mechanics the electrons are distinguishable. But quantum mechanically you cant distinguish the electron and cant say i-th electron is in j-th state.What can you do? You can just distinguish the angular momentum component along the z direction of the electron system.And so...
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    Another integral problem that really is a problem (for me )?

    HINT:use the formula cos(x)=cos(x/2)^2-sin(x/2)^2 in denominator.And then try again.
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    How fast does an electron spin

    Sorry I was wrong.Neutron has a magnetic moment without having any charge which estimates that neutron is not a fundamental particle.
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    How fast does an electron spin

    the spin of electron is not actual spin.If you calculate the velocity of rotation of electron using the radius experimentally found you will get the speed is greater than speed of light and that is not possible. here spin is quantity or number from which we can get the magnetic moment of the...