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    Calculating forces regarding angular momentum/gyroscopic forces?

    Ok, say you have a wheel, of a given radius 'r' and a given mass 'M', spinning on an axle at a high RPM rate 'ω', and the axle is extended by a given distance 'd' on one end. The wheel is fixed in a way to prevent nutation and precession, so that it can only rotate along its spin axis 'x' and...
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    Equation for force from Vf, mass, and joules?

    So I'm doing some research regarding firearms and need to know the amount of force on the bolt assembly as the bullet is fired. Using a .45 caliber Federal bullet, the mass of the projectile is 15 g, the energy is 500j, and the Vf is 260 m/s. I need to know how to convert these numbers into a...