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    Physics Out in the Real World, nobody seems to care

    First I'll say you are not coming across as unreasonably entitled to me, however I would be interested in how you are marketing yourself. I also applaud you for trying this, I did the same thing and found it very enlightening and it's something I encourage everyone to do. Particularly it made me...
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    Engineering Feeling like I'm working too hard (mentally) for the pay

    Hmm, this post seems like a bit of a Rorschach test, different people have seen different things. What I noticed was OPs disappointment, not necessarily with his position, but with the prospects of his position. He noted that even smart engineers, with years of experience were not progressing...
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    Engineering Feeling like I'm working too hard (mentally) for the pay

    I think it is odd you are now getting jealous of other technical jobs, also national labs also hire engineers... Back to your original point, in this society the people that are remunerated the best are those that decide on the allocation of capital, if you want a high salary you need to get...
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    Engineering Jobs combining programming with hardware?

    I have a point to add that does not seem to have been covered here. OP seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of professional engineering. Generally people are hired to solve a problem. They say, "if you have a hammer, every problem is a nail", similarly, if you are hired by computer...
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    Physics Is it too late to study physics at the age of 38?

    To address the OP's question. You seem to be enquiring about two main issues; one - ability, two - logistics. Based on your circumstances I would worry less about ability and more about logistics. It appears there is quite a long road as you need to improve your German and pass numerous other...
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    Physics I'm a 3rd year student, should I consider a career in finance?

    If your an undergraduate then the best route into finance is the 'traditional one' i.e. join the finance society, get good grades and extracurriculas, try and get an internship. This will also illuminate the various areas in finance. The topic of your degree does not have a large bearing on the...
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    Other Recently finished HEP Ph.D. but unsure of next move...

    Well I suggest plenty of research for possible jobs. If you still like physics maybe you can find something at the intersection of coding and physics - C++ is still a widely used language for computationally heavy jobs. As an example, a company called 'double negative' uses physics modelling for...
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    Other Recently finished HEP Ph.D. but unsure of next move...

    I can't argue with any of your premises, so yes starting a career outside academia seems like a good option. However from what you've written I have some bad news: it will probably take sustained effort and motivation to change career path. From your post it seems like your not passionate about...
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    Admissions Oxford DPhil interview in Physics when your background is ridiculous

    Yes, all the top unis have good connections with industry and the management of the Uni's love to go on about it. However it isn't always that relevant to the academics themselves, so it's risky to use that for your motivation. However everyone loves to hear how they are so intelligent and world...
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    Admissions Oxford DPhil interview in Physics when your background is ridiculous

    I'm not sure but this doesn't seem like a great approach. First, I'm not even sure Oxford is 'well known for it's entrepreneurial climate' or if many academics there are highly aware of it. Second, talking about leaving before joining could come across as a bit presumptuous. I suggest just...
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    Admissions Oxford DPhil interview in Physics when your background is ridiculous

    Congratulations on the interviews. I definitely agree that you should concentrate on presenting your work clearly. The most important skill for a physicist is to understand and apply the principles of the topic. If you can do that, transferring to a different field is unlikely to be an issue...
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    Physics What to do with a bachelors in physics? Any ideas?

    It almost certainly did provide you with a solid background in physics, critical thinking and studying for tests. What do you want to do with it?
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    Physics UK Physics PhD to California?

    Thanks for the constructive comments. I had previously not looked much into data science as it seemed a bit 'bubbly'; I shall revisit it as an option. I will also continue to persue the other non-technical options I have identified.
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    Physics UK Physics PhD to California?

    I was unable to find that much data on Physics PhD destinations. As a baseline Oxford has some information - 100% of their Condensed Matter graduates stayed in academia (i.e. no jobs in that area). Data at: I couldn't...
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    I'm thinking about 2nd Ph.D. for particle physics

    Personally I think in science, persistance beats smarts. I'm not sure there is a 'easy' way to understand maths but I am sure if you dedicate a lot of time to it you get better. I think the problem is this: everything is easy in hindsight. When you are learning a new topic you get presented the...
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    Physics Theoretical Physics: Flooded?

    Noone is saying that there isn't plenty of abstract work in physics, but it is self-evident that, on the Venn diagram of mathematical topics, physics theories do not cover every part. I say, if you are interested in exploring mathematical ideas then, why restrict yourself? Admittedly there are...
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    Physics UK Physics PhD to California?

    Trying to keep it anonymous; I'm primarily involved in experiments using condensed matter and optics (although not ultrafast). I would say that having looked at the job market in the UK the most transferable industrial skill I've got is optical modelling. The PhD is in quite a specialised niche...
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    Physics UK Physics PhD to California?

    To respond to the questions so far: - I'd rather not narrow down my area of expertise. I believe more details would make it relatively trivial to identify who I was, given the motivation. One detail I can add is that it does not include extensive computational work (so I can probably rule out...
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    Physics Should I reconsider my future major and career?

    My advice is spend some time to really think about what you want. While it's great to go to an institution like Stanford it will bring into contrast the diversity of attainment, e.g. it is highly likely some of your cohort will be on six figure salaries coming out of graduation! If you haven't...
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    Physics Theoretical Physics: Flooded?

    I have to concur with the posters suggesting Mathematics. Physics is about mathematically explaining data; insightful abstractions are relatively rare. Remember even Einstein needed about a decade and mathematical help to translate one insight into General Relativity.
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    Physics UK Physics PhD to California?

    I am a physics PhD at a globally top 10 UK institution. I'm interested in moving to California for two reasons: - The weather. - I believe the US economy is higher growth than the rest of the modernised world. My subject area is not 'hot' so I doubt I'd be able to get a good postdoc. Are the...
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    Job Skills Lucrative career options for a Physics Masters

    First you need to define what you mean as lucrative, are you looking at starting salary, potential returns or average income? For example, start ups have the potential to get eye-wateringly rich but this is unlikely. Second, you need to do some research - what do people do at Facebook and...
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    Other Interview with BCG - any tips?

    Well I got my information from the book 'What they teach you at Harvard Business School'; the author implies that basically everyone there gets an interview at McKinsey. It's not really a serious book but I would have thought if you get into a top 10 MBA programme they should at least interview...
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    Other Interview with BCG - any tips?

    It's a bit late but I was wondering how it went? I'm looking at consulting at the moment. One correction I'd make is, you say it's a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'. I don't think that's true - a common route is get a job, then take a break to get a prestigious MBA, then go into consulting.
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    What is the IQ required to do a statistics major?

    I think there are two types of 'hard' and it is important to distinguish between them. First there is conceptually hard, these things are difficult to understand because they are far from everyday experience, I would say real analysis and topology fall into this category. Second there is...
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    Engineering Engineer whose true passion is physics

    I'll add my point of view as I believe it is different from what's already been stated, it may also be somewhat controversial. In the end, most of advanced (post-university level) physics uses very similar skills to advanced engineering. You have, in general, a highly complex problem to solve...
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    Optics: Design of Beamsplitter Ge on KBr substrate

    I think you are just essentially solving Fresnel's equations. If you're looking at thin films wikipedia suggests the transfer matrix method.
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    Optics: Why not polished surfaces reflect less than polished ones?

    I have had to think about this issue quite a lot. I can tell you my thoughts, but I don't know how they'd be tested. As you've said it is generally thought that roughening the surface will just change the angular distribution of the light. However I think that it depends on the nature of the...
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    How did you get your current job?

    This is turning into quite a useful thread. I know some of the advice is general and some of it is directed at me; it's all great but an additional factor for me is that I'd be happy to leave the UK. I should also say, I always tailor my CV/Cover letter but it's tricky as agencies seem to...
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    How did you get your current job?

    Thanks for the response Timo, I am actually in the UK. I am trying to 'utilise my network' and speaking to my peers applying for a job seems quite a rare way to get a job; it seems to me that graduates would essentially be at a complete dead end. Indeed from the lack of responses it would seem...