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    How does one find the maximum value of f given the graph of f'

    Homework Statement The specific problem can be found here:" [Broken] The above link also gives the answer. I am not sure...
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    Forces, involving tension and a pendulum

    Homework Statement A ball of weight 5 N is suspended by two strings as shown [linked below]. (a) Draw and label all forces that act on the ball. (b)Determine the magnitude of each of the forces indicated in part (a). Suppose that the ball swings as a pendulum perpendicular to the plane of the...
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    Calculating the trajectory of a projectile

    Homework Statement So, we have a physics project, in which we must build a water balloon launcher and launch the balloon at a stationary target about 50 yds away (normally we use meter, however we are firing on a football field). I have created my launcher (it is basically a slingshot), but...
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    Calculate the initial velocity given degree and time

    Homework Statement haha, so hopefully my last question for the night! Find the initial velocity, when the object is shot at 70 degrees and took 6.5s to land. (hint: look at the y direction first this time) (For more information regarding my question, visit my earlier question from tonight...
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    Calculate time traveled from launch to land

    Homework Statement So, this is pretty easy and simple, I am just missing something obvious here I am pretty sure. This stems from a question I asked earlier tonight. Calculate the time it took from launch to land, given a velocity of 30.197m/s, and a distance traveled of 85m. (other...
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    How to find the initial velocity given only angle and distance traveled

    Homework Statement An object is shot (from a cannon) at an angle of 33 degrees and landed 85 m away. Calculate the magnitude of the initial velocity (Hint:Look at the x direction and solve for Vox) Homework Equations Other questions I must answer. If you have time, help with these would...