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    Bell, EPR, paradox or not

    I keep looking at these experiments that demonstrate violation of Bell's inequality and I really can't figure out why anyone cares. The scenario always seems wrong in some way. For example the EPR paradox. The argument goes like this, if you start out with a source of entangled "photons"...
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    PLL with adjustable constant phase shift

    I had been wondering if this were possible for a long time. While working on my MS thesis at school, I learned about Phase Locked Loops for the first time. It took me weeks of curling up at night with H.&H. The Art of Electronics for me to even get the concept. I had never heard of a Bode plot...
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    Circuit Diagrams in Component Data Sheets

    What software is used by manufacturers to produce the thousands of data sheets for all of the products that they make? Specifically, the circuit diagrams which look very crisp, like they were made in a vector format. I assume that each manufacturer has some proprietary software that they use to...
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    Component selection for special purpose amplifier

    Hello all, I have an amplifier in mind, you could think of it as an ac coupled differential amplifier, where the coupling capacitance is extremely small (<1pF) and you can assume the input is a sinusoidal differential voltage function. The amplitude of the source is over 1 Million volts...