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    QM: Spin -orbit coupling: Solve [(L.S), L]

    [SOLVED] QM: Spin -orbit coupling: Solve [(L.S), L] Homework Statement Griffiths problem 6.16 Solve the following commutators (he lists a bunch but i can't get even the first one) (a) [(L.S) , L] (b) [(L.S) , S] (c) [(L.S) , L^2] there's a few more, but i think if i get the idea then...
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    Hyperfine splitting of deuterium

    [SOLVED] Hyperfine splitting of deuterium Homework Statement Calculate the wavelength of the photon emitted under a hyperfine transition in the ground state (n=1) of deuterium. Deuterium is a proton and a neutron in the nucleus, but still one electron. The spin of deuterium is 1. Homework...
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    Centrifuge question

    Hey, I've been reading on this site for a week of so now, and just wanted to say thanks for all your contributions. Very helpfull! My question is, im making zinc ferrite nano-particles and i was wondering at what RPM i should set the centrifuge to, so that the zinc ferrite comes out of...