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    Entanglement between particles of no common history

    I'd like to confirm my understanding from one year ago, that the following is possible: 1) Using a combination of entanglement processes (entangling an already entangled particle with another already entangled particle, such that the outer particles, the other particles of each pair, will be...
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    Does local MWT require hidden variables?

    A while ago I was having an interesting thread here about the possibility of local MWT, MWT as a local explanation of the entanglement experiments. In re-reading this discussion I was wondering whether the proposal of MWT as a local theory means: a) Hidden variables are necessary but MWT...
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    Simultaneity in Relativity: self-contradictory?

    Recently I was reading about tunneling experiments showing faster-than-light tunneling effects, and commentary that it should be impossible for them to be FTL, as this would contradict special relativity. In the context of simultaneity being 'relative' in SR, it would cause the paradox of being...