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    I Leptons and the Lorentz Group O(3,3)

    This is note about O(3,3) space-time. The related article is: Here's some background: In O(3,1) space-time (Minkowski), the six generators of rotations and boosts can form an SU(2) x SU(2) Lie algebra. This algebra is then used generically by all the...
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    I Conserved quantities

    Hi, I have a question and I was hoping for some help. The reasoning goes something like this: There appears to be two fundamental types of coordinates x - space t - time and there appears to be three types of fundamental transformations - translations - rotations -...
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    Conserved quantity due to invariance under temporal rotations

    Hi, I was looking at the so(3,3) Lie algebra which has 3 temporal rotation generators as well as the normal 3 spatial rotation generators. When I try to use Noether's Theorem to determine what the conserved quantity is, due to invariance under temporal rotations, I seem to get an integral where...
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    I So(4) and QCD

    I guess my question is really: is there redundancy in QCD. In particular, is it possible to use so(4)=su(2)xsu(2) as the gauge group for QCD instead of su(3). I only have a couple of qualitative observations to suggest this speculation. The first is the relationship between su(3) and so(4). If...