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    All Liberal Arts are useless

    I think that science has not integrated itself with liberal arts yet. I see science and liberal arts being integrated. Using technology and other methods developed in scientific fields to help better understand our current society on a new level. Heres an example of integration: For my "social...
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    Chuck Norris *FACTS!*

    "Gauss uses the squeeze theorem on oranges whenever he wants juice."
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    Alternative to Bluefish

    crimson You can get vim for windows
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    Why do GPU's dwarf the computational power of CPU's?

    No both are about highest quality. The reason for the difference is optimizations. I have done graphics programming in OpenGL. And much of the instructions you tell the graphics card to do can be paralized. The same is not true for the CPU. Example Draw triangle v1, v2, v3 with color mappings...
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    The Secret

    Video not available in my country :(. I think you gotta be both positive and negative. If you only see the positive you will not desire so much to improve, but to just get started and feel like your done less than half way cause you are so positive. With the negative you will see how to...
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    How useful would an equation finder be ?

    Personally despite the competition I think this will be more useful than something like Origin, cause of the learning curve is simpler. Theres lots of people doing research, and also new people comming into the research feild, they all need to graph and analyse their results in someway. Matlab...
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    How useful would an equation finder be ?

    I've been looking for datasets & equation pairs to test my stuff out. Thank you. And I'm happy to see my program is not bad on the easy level (monotonic ones). I don't get the same formula, but close approximation. Heres an example of what my program generates: For Hahn1...
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    Chuck Norris *FACTS!*

    The fastest way to a mans heart is Chuck Noriss's fist
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    The Blue Forehead Room Problem

    I also agree with the video. I have heard a more cruel version of this. It just becomes difficult to think about without paper. Its deductive, at 4 and up its just not too easy to think all in your head.
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    How useful would an equation finder be ?

    OK, I've taken a look at trend line from excel. Trendline you have the option for log, mx +b, or polynomial. The most noticeable difference of what I have created is that the program picks what it thinks the best function form is (e^x, x, x^k etc...) and curve fits it. And lastly I don't have a...
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    How useful would an equation finder be ?

    you got x, y pairs from somewhere (maybe an experiment) and plug into program and pops up a simple equation that best models the pairs (e.g. y = e^x) and curve fitted as well. The reason I'm asking is cause I made such a program, and want to know if such a thing is useful to others.
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    How to fire one electron at a time

    How? I've been looking but the only thing I get is the double slit experiment. How do you build a device that shoots one electron at a time? I know how to build a device that shoots a whole stream of electrons. But 1 at a time! How is it possible to get to such high granularity?
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    What are those drawing paper boards called

    There are these things where you can write on by putting pressure, and by lifting the paper it clears. I really want one to like write ideas & scratch work and stuff down and quickly erase it. I used to have one a long time ago and looking for it again
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    Structure of Romantic and Sexual relationship

    Or so it seems ... According to Why Sex is fun? Jared talks about how most of our sex is done privately. Perhaps there was sex but no one "knew".
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    Regis discovered that the nerves connecting your eyes to your head passes by your ear drums. Due to interference caused by the nerves when the person sees the brain registers really quiet sounds. That may be a reason why people hear "follow the light", in a dark tunnel when they see an opening...
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    Suggestion: html support

    It would be cool to have javascript support; that way I can make posts be interactive. Or perhaps small javascript programs that take input and do math. But that will lead to cookie theft. But if you can have something like that it would be so cool
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    Shut up brain

    I like using a blindfold; in the city there is so much light coming from the window at night. Plus all the blinking lights from electronic devices;
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    Ax = b when b = [0; 0; 0; 0]

    Homework Statement given z = (0, 0, 0, 1), and v = (0, x, y, z), and the following properties hold v \times u = L L \times v = u u \times L = v v, u, l, and z are unit quaternions In other words; we define forward (v), up (u) and right(L), find a unit quaternion that when you apply...
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    DE of the form y'' + by' = a

    Hi, I'm trying to solve the following equation y'' + by' = a But my answer doesn't make sense: The question: an object is flying through space, with velocity could be approximated as: v_next = v_current + a*dt - damp*v*dt dt - time increment taken repetitively a - acceleration damp - a...
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    The Face Game

    Hello everyone :) There is an alien that just came to earth and is having trouble recognizing peoples faces. We also have trouble recognizing his face; where his eye is on one hand and a mouth on the other. Luckily for us the alien understands our language and simple colours. The task is...
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    Any program to deteted web page update?

    Its not hard to write one yourself. However I wouldn't recomend it as it increases server load. If the server can't support RSS, there isn't much you could do, but check it manually. Some sites have designed webpages that allow for this sort of thing; which gives parsing friendly output and...
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    New look

    It would be black and white basicly.
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    LaTeX Free programs that use Latex that I could insert in a ms word doc and attach

    You can also download LaTeX and simply type latex codefile.tex dvipng codefile.dvi tada you got yourself a picture.
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    Internet privacy poll

    I think it would be fine if they would slow than a connection purely based on bandwidth usage. However ISP's are favouring some types of connections over another. I almost never use p2p, just the idea of ISP's shaping bandwidth based on the contents of packets rather than purely how much...
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    Internet privacy poll

    Have you seen how they are degrading the services? Source:,2704,2217866,00.asp Comcast is peeking & injecting packets to prevent connections to control internet flow.
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    Internet privacy poll

    Has anyone heard of It turns out that packets are monitored for p2p clients and instead of blocking ports some like Comcast inject packets pretending to be someone else and preventing a download.
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    No memory

    I have the same problem and its been already 2 years of friends and talking almost every day. The worst part he knows my name. Also I don't have driving license. He should get facebook so I could remember his name. "dude" is a savior :)
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    The people who run malls are stupid

    Tell them you had bad stomach ache
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    No memory

    I can never remember where my sandwich went.
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    Bumper sticker: What message is this sending?

    Finite State Machine ... ooh I just had exam on that stuff and alot more I don't get the fish. I thought it was a circle until someone said fish.