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    Is directional gas flow possible in a circular closed pipe system?

    If I have a series of pipes and containers (containing liquid) soldered together to create a circular path, and then heated at a particular point or multiple points, is it possible to somehow have the gas move in a particular direction without the gas every leaving the system? I'd prefer not to...
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    Precalculus knowledge for learning Discrete Math CS topics?

    Below I've listed the chapters from a Precalculus book as well as the author recommended Computer Science chapters from a Discrete Mathematics book. Although these chapters are from two specific books on these subjects I believe the topics are generally the same between any Precalc or...
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    Courses Required Pre-Calc knowledge for a Calculus course?

    I’m planning on going back to college and I need to take the following math course in a month and a half when the new Spring semester begins: MATH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I Limits, continuity, differentiation and integration of elementary functions and trigonometric functions...