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    Finding z coord. drection angle given x and y coord. direction angle

    Homework Statement The x and y coordinate direction angles of a vector are 50 and 105 degrees, respectively. If the z component of the vector points in the negative z direction, what is the z coordinate direction angle? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I was going to...
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    Determine the components of P in the i, j, and k directions.

    Homework Statement As shown, a pole is subjected to three forces: F, P, and T. The force F expressed in Cartesian vector form is F=[5 i+7 j+6 k] N. Force P has magnitude 7.48 N and acts in the direction given by these direction angles: α=143∘, β=57.7∘, and γ=74.5∘ to the x, y, and z axes...
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    Finding the magnitude/direction of a resultant vector?

    Homework Statement Four vectors A, B, C, and D are shown (not to scale). Vector A has magnitude 20.0 and acts at an angle of 12.9 degrees with respect to the positive x axis. Vector B has magnitude 15.0 and acts at an angle of 55.7 degrees with respect to the positive x axis. Vector C has...
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    Calculating tension on 3 wires/strings

    Homework Statement "a spider is resting after starting to spin its web. The gravitational force on the spider is 0.172 N on the junction of the three strands of silk. The junction is supported by different tension forces in the two strands above it so that the resultant force on the junction...