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    2nd derivative rule

    so to find when a graph is concave up or down you can use the 2nd derivative rule, but what happends if we have f"(x) = -3(x^2 +3)/(X^2-9)^3 what im thinking is that we are looking for f"(x)=0 so x^2+3= O but that would give us x=(-3)^1/2... any thoughts?
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    Conservation of energy and centripital force

    The Question is: A mass M of 5.00×10-1 kg slides inside a hoop of radius R=1.50 m with negligible friction. When M is at the top, it has a speed of 5.65 m/s. Calculate size of the force with which the M pushes on the hoop when M is at an angle of 27.0 degrees. My workings thus far...