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    St. Louis Motor simple question

    I am building a St. Louis Motor for a project in my AP physics class. I followed the directions the best i could and my physics teacher said it looked good but it does not seem to work. I tested it for continuity and it looks good. My math teacher thought that maybe the neodymium magnets i am...
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    I think I am making this Work-Energy Problem to Hard

    Homework Statement Figure 7-40 shows a cord attached to a cart that can slide along a frictionless horizontal rail aligned along an x axis. The left end of the cord is pulled over a pulley, of negligible mass and friction and at cord height h = 1.6 m, so the cart slides from x1 = 4.0 m to x2...
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    Tricky Energy Problem

    Homework Statement There is a car of mass 1900kg that travels at a steady speed of 27 m/s up and down a hill. The force of friction is the same in both directions and it takes 49 more horsepower to go up the hill than down the hill. What is the inclination of the hill. Given: mass of...
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    Color Theory Modeling?

    I understand the basics of color theory and I need to explain it to some graduate level bio-students. Now I need to incorporate the biological funciotions involved in this process and relate it to avian species. Now I have a brief understand of the human eye abosorbtion curves which peak at...
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    Conservation of Angular Momentum of Ball

    Homework Statement A teatherball is attached to a pole with a 2.0m rope. It is circling at 0.20 rev/s. As the rope wraps around the pole it shortens. How long is the rope when the ball is moving at 5.0 m/s. Note: I can't use the html formating with this site!!! Givens: f(initial)=20...
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    Good Beginner Book

    I have a student that is interested in learning some quantum physics at the conceptual level. What you be good reading material to start with. We can do a little math but I am in a high school setting. Any suggestions appreciated. curly