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    Temperature Coefficient of Resistance and Specific Heat

    I am trying to estimate the amount of electrical power needed to heat up a material from 20C to 1000C in 20 seconds. Assuming it is 18sqin and 3mm thick, I used the specific heat which was given as 0.78 J/gC and weight 11.39g (from the destiny of 3.26). 0.78 J/gC x 11.39g x (1000C - 20C) /...
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    How to calculate blackbody temperature from radiance band?

    I know how to calculate blackbody radiance in a spectral band from a temperature by integrating (or summing) planks function. How can I do the reverse? For example, I have a Radiance of 1000 W/m^2/sr in the 3-5um band, I'd like to be able to calculate 666.6K.
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    How does Radiance change with a parabolic reflector?

    Lets say I have a coil that is 1cmx1cm in area that gets heat up. I am told that I get 2W/cm^2/sr output. So if I had 100 of them in an array, the total radiant intensity would be (2W/cm^2/sr x 100 x 1 sqcm =) 200W/sr. Now, let's say I add a parabolic reflector around each coil. How would I...