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    What do we know about existing black holes?

    [Moderator's note: Spun off from previous thread on different topic.] I'm still a bit new here and haven't studied much astronomy (being an electronics dude) so can anyone give me a good link(s) for what we know about existing black holes. That is size, location, and other physical...
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    What exactly is time

    I've been thinking about this general concept for months. It became relevant to me when I read in a science book that the "arrow" of time has no preference as to which direction it goes, back or forward. At least in a mathematical form. So I began to think about exactly what is time. Finally...
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    Help, they are eating all my bacteria

    A while back we were discussing the microscopic life that I had grown in a jar from a sample from my backyard mulch pile. I was enjoying using a nice surplus Nikon microscope from UC Davis, CA to check out all the different creatures that were coming to life in the material in a jar with some...
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    Unknown microscopic life

    A while back I managed to get (2) very nice surplus Nikon microscopes from UC Davis (CA). Since then I have taken several grass root and compost samples from my yard and mulch pile and cultured them in glass bottles with purified drinking water. I wind up with all kinds of life forms that...
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    Strange little microscopic creatures

    Generally I am on the Physics Forum, but I got my hands on a good microscope a while back and decided to grow some little dudes to look at. My third incubation batch consisted of filtered drinking water and a bit of stuff from my mulch pile. Grew a few interesting little guys and looked them...
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    Interesting experiment with night vision IR scope

    I have a hand held night vision scope (Russian made I suspect.) Came with a small Solid State IR "lamp." The IR source is separate and battery powered. It has a built in hand operated charger that you squeeze several times and it will hold a "charge" on the sensor for a while and then...
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    Number of cycles of light per photon

    You can blame Eddington for this one. I'm a retired electronics guy who now has time to read physics history and recent research also and am totally curious about the nature and most basic definitions of light photons. Eddington mentions in one of his essays in the '20's about "a meters...
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    Link to description of detector type for double-slit experiment

    Can someone supply me with a link to a good article or book, or anything, that gives details on the type of detector that determines "which way" in experiments where the double-slit interference pattern is cancelled? DC
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    Request for Link on orbital decay energy characteristics

    While reading an older article by Schrodinger on Causality a question occurred to me about the nature of energy/time characteristics of light emitted by electron orbital decay. I have been thinking for some time on the relationship/contrasts between generation of lower frequency (ie radio)...
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    Discrete protons and neutrons in nucleus

    What if: There are only discrete protons in the atomic nucleus combined with electrons (not the orbital ones) being shared,in some random manner, leaving a net positive charge. The two particles only become discrete with the known different characteristics when the atom is "smashed" and a...
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    Expansion of Universe

    Just reading the Physorg article on the new numbers on the expansion of the universe. While sipping my coffee a thought came to me. Has anyone considered the possibility that the entire universe is rotating in a way similar to galaxies? Probably old hat, right? Just my thought on a...
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    Which way detector (hardware) information

    I am still searching the net for information on the actual hardware used for the which way detector(s) in the double slit experiment(s), and descriptions of the experiments as really performed in the real world. I am NOT referring to the "screen" at the pathway termination used to detect the...
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    Italian double slit electron experiment

    Since my ability to respond to articles was messed up by someone and I have been unable to get any help straightening out the problem I wish to comment on the article here. I have always thought it more than a bit unusual that anyone would consider it "strange" that EM radiation, particles...
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    Acceleration vs Gravity and effect on time/clocks

    Just kicking some things around and this came up: Albert says that it is not possible to discern acceleration from gravity under his imposed conditions. Question, does that apply to clock type "devices," and time? As practical example; let us put a radioactive sample in an ultra-centrifuge...
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    Holocene temperature cycles

    Reading a lot about climate change over the past few years has lead me to a question. From looking at the available temperature charts for the past 450K years I have become curious about the lack of comment on the deviation for the last 12K years from previous periodic 124K year peak...