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    Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

    What cities have large industries of Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. I've heard to look at the East and West Coasts. Does anyone have any more specific information? Thanks
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    Different Number Systems

    I do not know a lot about math theory, however I know that we (America) (I'm not sure if it's different for different parts of the world) use a base 10 number system. I also know that there have been other number systems invented. Can number systems other than base 10 be more beneficial for...
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    Modifying power source

    I have a small electronic toy that takes 4 regular triple a batteries. I would like to open it up and see how much current the batteries are supplying, and then I would like to hook up a battery that I don't have to throw away. I would like to hook up the device to the wall to recharge it. I...
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    Question regarding Sleeping

    I've noticed that I often wake about an hour or two before I should get up. When I awake, I often feel pretty energetic but I go back to sleep because of course, I have a couple more hours awaiting me. Then when I wake up the second time, I can feel "dead" or really tired. Does anyone know why...
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    Camera-Computer Help

    I would like to create a small platform that connects to the parallel or usb port of a computer. I would like it to rotate it 360 degrees on an xy plane, and at least 180 degrees on a xz and xy plane. The platform would perhaps have a camera on it and I would like to control the movement of the...
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    Question regarding sleeping

    My brother sleeps with one of his eyelids slightly open, allowing his eye to be exposed. It is really small (a sliver really). Has anyone heard about this? I'm also curious if it is harmful. On a sidenote, it's interesting to watch when he is in REM.
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    Motional EMF in loop of wire

    " A circular loop of wire 10 cm in diameter is placed with its normal making an angle of 30 degrees with the direction of a uniform 0.50T magnetic field. The loop is "wobbled" so that its normal rotates in a cone about the field direction at the constant rate of 100rev/min; the angle between the...
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    Videogame Programmer

    I was curious if anyone here was a videogame programmer. If so, could you tell me what an average day is like? I was also curious what you would need degree wise to become a videogame programmer.
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    Calculating Shear Stress

    On a homework assignment where a device contains three pin connections, we are asked to find the shear stress on two of the pins ( single shear) and a third which is experiencing double shear. For the single shear, I just took the force being applied at the pin connection and divided it by the...
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    Radio waves

    I have little experience with electronics so I was wondering if this idea was feasible. If so, I'll know that I'm on the right path; any suggestions are welcomed. I would like do a simple project for myself. It basically goes like this: I want to take a remote control for a tv, and where the...
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    Find the arc length of the given function

    This is my last homework problem and I feel that I almost have it solved. The problem is as followed: f(x) = \sqrt{4-x^2} Find the arc length of the given function from x=0 to x=2. I know that I am supposed to use this formula to solve for arclength: \int_{0}^{2} \sqrt{1 +...
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    Differential Equation and omega

    I am having trouble with the following problem: Find the value(s) of [tex] \omega [\tex] for which [tex] y = \cos(\omega * t) [\tex] satisfies [tex]\frac{d^2*y}{d*t^2} + 9y = 0[\tex] I am trying to use latex but it doesn't seem to be working when I do "preview post" so I will rewrite...
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    Chuckee Cheese's Mystery Hand Stamps

    Every year when I was a young child my aunt would take my siblings and I to Chuckee Cheese. Earlier today I was reminiscing about the great times when I remembered that everyone would recieve a small and invisible stamp upon entering the restaurant. Since they did not charge an admission fee...
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    Materials safe for food machines

    I've recently drawn up several machines that handle food. However I wanted to know if there are any materials that I should stay away from, for handling food. To clarify, I would like to go to a harware store to pick up supplies, but is it ok to run liquids or store food in pvc for example...
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    Calculus Problem

    I am having trouble solving this integral: \frac{\1}{(4-z^2)^(3/2)} I know that x = asin(theta) theta = arcsin (x/a) d(theta) = 1 / sqrt(4-z^2) dz but then I get stuck. Could someone give me a hand? ps there should be a number 1 on top of the...
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    Questions about octal buffer

    Hello, I am new to electronics and have been reading as much as I can about the subject when time permits. I am doing a project to make an adapter to hook a ttl magnetic swipe reader to my computer via the gaming port. There are also plans to make an adapter that would allow you to connect it to...
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    Rectangle to Polar Form

    How would I change: 2x+3y=4 into polar form? I understand how to solve for polar form but the 4 without a variable is confusing me.