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    Projectile Motion Proof/Hassle

    This is a real pain and I'm getting nowhere. If you can't see the image look at the attached file. Angle a(upper angle)=Theta Angle b(lower angle)=Beta Prove these relations: a) Rsin2theta+d(1+cos2theta)=(R^2)/Rnot where Rnot= ((vnot)^2)/g b) That Rm(meaning maximum R) happens for...
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    Adiabatic Engine Ratios

    This one had three bullets by it so it's a pretty tough one. Work and rambling thoughts so far... please tell me if I'm wrong. This would be a change in entropy problem for the first couple of ratios right? (delta)S=Sfinal-Sinitial=nRln(Vf/Vi)+nCvln(Tf/Ti) yet it is an adiabatic operation...
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    Ever feel like you don't know what you're doing in life ?

    I know exactly what I'm doing Hour to Hour The best off-hand quote that I ever heard was after a friend of mine kept repeatedly asking another person, "ok, and then what do you do next?" The reply was --" $%@&, man I only know exactly what I'm doing one hour from this one!"-- So what I...
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    Need SPS ideas?

    Sadly the sps group at my university is in shambles and we are trying to make it selfsustaining. Basically we are starting over. I'm just sending out the call to anyone who has any sps ideas or management advice and to e-mail me. I will most likely become the president next quarter since I seem...
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    Kinematics Rolling motion off a cliff

    Got it! and boy do I feel dumb :tongue2: So it was a much easier problem than I was making it out to be, had to go back all the way to Chp 3 for simple horizontal motion equation and then figured it out from there. Thanks for helping.
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    Kinematics Rolling motion off a cliff

    Here is the problem and I attached a picture (you'll love my mad photoshop skills) In the picture a solid ball rolls smoothly from rest (starting at height H=6.0m) until it leaves the horizontal section at the end of the track at height h=2.0m. How far horizontally from point A does the ball...
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    Kinematics Rolling motion off a cliff

    So I'm sure most everyone has come accross the problem where you have a smooth rolling object on an inclined plain that rolls off a roof or something and falls some distance x away from the roof. I can solve that because it usually gives me the distance along the incline and the angle of...