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    Line follower robot

    i m a college 2nd yr student of electronics branch.. line following robot is my project which microcontroller should i use...??? intel 8085..(or any 85 family)...or PIC16C74A..(or any PIC family)...or...???? on what basis should i choose...actually i m a beginner....??? somebody please...
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    Construction Material

    for the construction of buildings which one is the best titanium aluminium iron cosider all properties DO NOT CONSIDER COST
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    Shielding space stations

    space stations are to be protected from 1. galactic cosmic rays 2. solar flares 3. other harmful solar radiation for protechtion we Can use 1. lunar soil 2. electtromagnetic shield Etc...... BUT IS THERE A WAY TO HAVE TRANSPERENT SHIELD SO THAT LIGHT CAN ENTER ? CAN...
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    Accuracy in space

    my question is about the availability of present technology is it possible to screw a nut & bolt very ,very pricisely in space. each of them will be of 10000kg and about 0.7km most important-they will be rotating at a speed of 0.5 RPM
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    Nuclear fuel for rockets

    is there technology to use nuclear fuel for space rockets? what could be the fastest and cheapest way to transport 100000000 kg from earth to mars? can fission be an alternative? help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Libration points

    what are libration points? how to calculate them ? what are the positions of all possible libration points for the mars , phobos and deimos system? send diagram if possible.