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  1. HyperTechno

    Arthur C Clarke's space ships -- propulsion discussion

    I've read Sir Arthur C Clerk's space odyssey series and curious of the propulsion technologies used in those ships. Ships like Universe and Galaxy of space odyssey 2061 use just water. The fiction speaks of "muon propulsion" too. The main spacecrafts that we see in his 'space odyssey' series...
  2. HyperTechno

    Courses Help me to determine the better course!

    Here are the course contents of some software engineering degree programs. Please help me to decide which is the better program to follow. 1. BEng(Hons) Software Engineering Course Modules Year 1- Level 4 Computer Science Practice Computer Systems Fundamentals Programming Principles I...
  3. HyperTechno

    Courses What's the most appropriate path?

    I'm a student, who's entering the higher education. I'm interested on Software Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I have two opportunities, in selecting a University to secure one of the above degrees. One is a local university, that offers 4 year degree programs related to...
  4. HyperTechno

    Schools World ranking of a university

    If I graduate from a university that possesses the world ranking of "6977" with a 4 year Software Engineering degree {BSc(Hons),Eng} what kind of acceptance my qualification will have at the international level? Won't I be able to enjoy a good salary? Will my degree get rejected? The degree...
  5. HyperTechno

    Does using dual spark plugs per cylinder make any difference?

    There is this bike manufactured in India with a 180CC single cylinder petrol engine with Twin Spark plugs. They highly market their "twin spark technology". Well according to my knowledge, I don't think that will make much difference in performance and efficiency. What do you think? Is this just...
  6. HyperTechno

    My smartphone battery drains rapidly...

    My Huawei Y6 2 With a 5.5" HD LCD screen has a Kirin 620 CPU with 2gb RAM and 3000 mili ampear battery. The battery percentage dropped from 80% to 50% after 2 HOURS and 18 minutes of web browsing on chrome. Is this unusual? The phone is very new, bought it last month brand new. Please help. The...
  7. HyperTechno

    Artificial Intelligence for human evolution

    Artificial Intelligence Technology can be used to develop intelligent Operation systems/ Management Systems for vehicles, buildings, factories, to control various systems.. etc. We can make robots out of it.... and make intelligent equipment that improves the comfort ability of our day to day...
  8. HyperTechno

    Computer Science Or Engineering?

    For a person who like to go forward in the Computer Field, what is the best to choose in higher education? Computer Science or Engineering(Software/Hardware/Network .etc)? {And also what are the differences regarding the economical benefits related to Computer Science and Computer Engineering?}
  9. HyperTechno

    What Happened To My RAM?

    When I turned on my computer, it was successfully booted up to the Windows Logo and then suddenly restarted.... there, in the menu with the details related to RAM, HDD etc that shows up at first when the computer is booting, My RAM was shown as 1024MB . (I have 2048MB of RAM.... and after the...
  10. HyperTechno

    Modular Phones vs. Normal Phones

    I'm so impressed with many modular phone concepts including GOOGLE ARA and some other main concepts like "Puzzle Phone"(, "ZTE Eco Mobius"( and "Phone...
  11. HyperTechno

    IOS vs. Android

    I OS is the most advanced mobile OS ever created. I do think it's much capable and technically advanced than android.........:wink:
  12. HyperTechno

    Automotive Hybrid Cars with the engine as the generator

    We know that electric motors are very powerful(hp and torque) and efficient than all the combustion engines. There are lots of advantages of electric motors to be used to propel vehicles as you can have the same maximum torque at any speed, very high pickup, high top speed as well as no need of...