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    Choking in a Circular Orifice Plate in a pipe

    The equation I have for velocity through a circular orifice plater is as follows: Ud = \frac{Yi\timesC}{\sqrt{(1-(d/D)^4)}}\sqrt{\frac{(2\times(P_{2}-P_{1})}{\rho}} To my understanding, flow becomes choked when this velocity exceeds a Mach number of 1, and is no longer sub-sonic...
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    Eng/Phys educational videos

    Thanks for all the replies. I should note, to clear up confusion, I am not actually a teacher! Just an undergrad mechanical engineering student.
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    Eng/Phys educational videos

    Does anyone know of a good science/engineering series, exploring a broad range of topics. Essentially I'm searching for Bill Nye for undergraduate/graduate students. thanks :)