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  1. ayush solanki

    Does the mass of subatomic particles differ on different planets?

    Does the gravitational force of different planets affect it? I know about the higgs boson and so is that what gives a particle mass?
  2. ayush solanki

    Really need some inspiration

    Lately I have really been down. I fear if I will even be able to enter the science field. I really love science and always think about the outer space but I know that it's not enough. There is a lot of competition for this field. I want something motivating and inspirational to push me forward...
  3. ayush solanki

    Stargazing Some tips for a better experience of stargazing using 76 mm telescope

    I bought the celestron firstscope about 4 to 5 months the beginning I was pretty excited and enthusiastic but as time wore on,I found myself away from the I want to restart astronomy but I would like some tips to make it more fun and interesting so that my scope don't end up...
  4. ayush solanki

    Suggestion for a book

    Guys,can you all suggest a nice and decent book on quantam physics for a 16 year old.I really am in need of it.I don't want any textbooks but a book like "the brief history of space time" but only focussing on quantam physics and mainly string theory would be absolutely great.thank you.
  5. ayush solanki

    Why are photons affected by gravity?

    Photons are massless,so why does it get affected by gravity?and are neutrinos affected by gravity too?thank you.
  6. ayush solanki

    About doubling the mass of the planets and the sun of our solar system

    I want to know that if we double the mass of the planets and our sun in the solar system,then will it make any difference in the orbits of the planets?will it be necessary to double the distance of each planet from sun?(I am asking it assuming that the sun on doubling of its mass,don't turn into...
  7. ayush solanki

    What is renormalization exactly?

    i am really confused about it.i know this much that it is used to cancel out the infinities to combine the theory of relativity and quantum physics.i just want to know how.and also what is super symmetry?please help.
  8. ayush solanki

    How to become a string theorist in India?

    i'm in 10th standard and am fascinated about theoretical physics.i have started reading books related to it-"brief history of space and time","The Elegant Universe"by Brian Greene.of all the stuff,i'm mostly interested in the string concern is that is there a scope for being a...