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    How does temperature affect solutions?

    - Why can I dissolve more salt in hot water, than cold? - Why does more air dissolve in cold water than hot? - What about non-polar solvents? Is it the water or the solute that does this? - Are there combinations that do the opposite of the normal solid/gas dichotomy? If you want me to...
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    Wooden satellites?

    I can't even count how many reasons this is a stupid idea. But then, what do I know?
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    Favorite Physical Sciences Podcasts?

    I need to find some more good podcasts about the physical sciences. Searching the interwebs gives lots of popular general science stuff like Science Friday, Sean Carroll, and Neil DeGrasse-Tyson; those are ok, but I want stuff aimed for people that know calculus, if you get my drift. So what...
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    Article - The first measurement of a star's size

    A bit of physics history in this article. How Michelson (yes, that Michelson) measured the first stellar diameter (ok, except for the sun) at the Mt. Wilson Observatory.
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    Can't delete my post in the General Math forum

    FYI, there is no option to delete my post in the General Math Forum. I don't really care; it can stay or go. But I thought you guys might care.
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    Why do people refer to the "fast axis" vs. "slow axis" of Diode Lasers?

    This is really a nomenclature question. The radiation pattern of a typical laser diode has one axis with low divergence (the slow axis) compared to the other (the fast axis). I understand about antenna radiation patterns, spatial Fourier transforms (Fourier optics), etc. So I think I understand...
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    I Really? Schrödinger's cat again?

    I have a new Physics hypothesis (ok, really Journalism, I guess): Whenever you read anything the features that damn cat, it will be at least misleading, maybe wrong. The worst way to learn about QM is to start by listening to someone talking about quantum cats, it's practically a guarantee that...
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    Online reference table for solutes?

    I'm interested in looking at birefringence of crystals with a microscope (just for amusement). I'm definitely not a chemist, and don't intend to become one. Does anyone know of a quick online reference for the solubility of common chemicals in different solutes? Every time I search for this I...