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  1. Vega

    Does the set theory prove that there is no God?

    In short no. You can't prove such things using only logic.
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    Making a zombie flick

    Why is it deleted now?
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    Feeding Tube

    Her husband is her next of kin. What about his suffering knowing that his wife has been artificially kept alive all these years when she wouldn't have wanted to be? Once she got married, her parents ceased to have the right to direct her affairs. It's not their business.
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    Survey about cloning

    The questions in this survey seem silly. 2. Human cloning involves a process that removes the nucleus from an egg. Do you consider this process as murdering? Has anyone ever seriously suggested that an egg is equivalent in some way to a human being? 3. Do you consider a clone to be a...
  5. Vega

    What law would you change?

    While for the most part I would agree with you, I also see some bad possibilities. If drugs that are currently prescription only were to become easy to buy, then you'd see more people trying to treat themselves rather than seeing a doctor. We already have a huge issue with antibiotic resistant...
  6. Vega

    Why do I pay more tuition for stupid courses I don't need?

    California at least gives a good deal on taking community college credits. Since the California State University system is so overcrowded, they prefer students start at the community colleges and guarantee to accept a certain number of credit hours. I had no trouble with transfering credit...
  7. Vega

    Why do I pay more tuition for stupid courses I don't need?

    The theory is that you're supposed to become a more well-rounded person by being forced to take extra things. There's no way around it. It's actually not so bad though. If you plan appropriately, when you get to the hardest classes, you'll have some easy classes to take with them that won't...
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    Reducing kids TV time

    You don't automatically get kids when you get married you know. It's a good idea to discuss beforehand whether or not you both want them, and if you both do, then issues such as how many and how they'll be raised. It's not solely your decision about getting rid of the TV. You may be...
  9. Vega

    A thought-inducing movie.

    If I were to assume that humans have souls, I would imagine they would be housed in the brain. So you could replace any body part you wanted, organs, arms, legs, etc., and still have the soul intact.
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    Buy your school books from the PF store

    This isn't working I'm needing to order fairly quickly, and I keep getting this message: Sorry, we are currently unable to process your request in a timely manner, but you can try I'm looking for Griffith's Intro to Quantum Mechanics.
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    Enter the Meatrix

    Ok I wish I hadn't seen that. I've been feeling bad about eating meat anyway. At least I live in a place where free range meat is available.
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    News Proposed new political party

    My husband wrote this, so please come check it out. There's also a forum for comments, which are very welcome even if you disagree completely: [Broken]
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    Evolution in the classroom

    You have to understand where some of these people are coming from. There are people who believe that every word of the bible is literally correct. If it says the earth was created in six days, that means six literal 24 hour days. Some of the them believe that the earth is only 6000 years old...
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    D&d campaign vets

    Go to this site: They have tons of premade adventures, from simple ideas to step by step in detail. You'll definitely find what you need there.
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    If without your 5 senses

    I think it would be like what people experience in a sensory deprivation tank. You'd end up hallucinating constantly.
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    Does Our Creator Have A Creator Itself?

    What does it mean to say something is a god? For religions that believe in many gods, it seems that being a very mighty being who exists in a supernatural realm is enough to qualify. For religions that believe in one god, then only the supernatural being that created everything qualifies to be...
  17. Vega

    Alien trade

    Here's the ones I wouldn't pick: 1) Our current food problems are with distribution, not supply. This isn't that helpful. 2) People would be upset because entire industries would then collapse leading to massive unemployment. 3) We'd be worried about all the plots of movies where negative...
  18. Vega

    Is there a reason to be honest if you don't believe in life after death?

    The original question, I'm assuming you mean that if you don't believe in life after death, then there would be no penalty for being dishonest, and that without a penalty, there is no reason for honesty. That is not the case. Dishonesty has a built-in penalty. If you habitually are...
  19. Vega

    Is greed good?

    Greed is essential for individual progress too. Why would anyone ever strive for something unless they had some desire and motivation, something they wanted and expected for what they were doing?
  20. Vega

    Troy movie is pretty good

    i_wish_i_was_smart is right, but there's some additional things I noticed that are different. They took out the supernatural element completely, other than casual mentioning of the gods. Helen was a daughter of Zeus, many men in her youth were suitors and she had her choice of husbands. In...
  21. Vega

    Men are from Mars . Women are from Venus.

    John Gray's book seems far more closely related to a person's thinking/feeling preference on the Myers Briggs personality test. A feeling man will act exactly like he says a woman should act. A thinking woman will act exactly like he says a man should act.
  22. Vega

    A Smart Pill?

    Intelligence and knowledge are not the same thing. A pill could not be like instant teaching in that you would not know more facts. What it would do is give you a greater ability to learn in the future, but effort would still be required.