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    Mathematics course outline

    thats great advice but its an old problme,as old as a verylitle hill. if he promised himself to go to uk, let me alone a mathcourse is is outlined in math department of any school he wants to go to, u search for him to show ur good more completely, u still only help half by asking physicforum.
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    Testing Physics Olympiad US physics team qualifying exam

    there books onsale in amazon, collections of olympad problems
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    Is it worth it to stay another year for BS/MS?

    my question is are you strong enough to endure everthing in 5 fives ? :biggrin: it depends on ur choice, what you choose as your dream profession. I personally don't like fulltime like that if I am not first finacially supported to do so, a lot of things will come a long the way during 5...