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  1. LordGfcd

    What is the continuity condition for the heat flux through a boundary?

    Assume there is a boundary seperates two medium with different heat conductivity [κ][/1] and [κ][/2]. In one medium, the temperature distribution is [T][/1](r,θ,φ) and on the other medium is [T][/2](r,θ,φ). What is the relationship between [T][/1] and [T][/2] ? Is it - [κ][/1]grad [T][/1]=-...
  2. LordGfcd

    Compression of an object under it's own weight.

    Let's first consider a cube side length a, mass m, Young's modulus of the block is E. How do we calculate the decrease of the height of the center of mass of that cube ?
  3. LordGfcd

    A fluid mechanics problem -- Shape of a falling water drop

    Homework Statement A drop of water fall towards the ground with initial mass [m][/0] and radius [r][/0] (assume the initial shape of that water drop is sphere). the air resistance is F=½.ρ.A.[v][/2].C (C is the drag coefficent, A is the area that the air contact with the water drop and ρ is the...