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    Accuracy, Fibonacci + Golden Ratio

    I have been curious about this for a while... I'm interested to know if there is any easy way to tell the accuracy of the (n+1)th on the nth term of the Fibonacci series in relation to the golden ratio. I know that as n tends to infinity the ratio tends to the Golden Ratio "Phi" - but is...
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    Weak Measurements

    Noone knows what happened with these experiments they were going to do?
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    Weak Measurements [Broken] Does anyone know what happened with these experiments?
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    Australia is over populated

    Not surprising since near all the world is overpopulated...
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    I'm really bad at English!

    Confused: Don't worry about it, I didn't really do well in English in school and I have no idea what the hell a prepositional phrase, subject-verb agreements and transitive/intransitive vers are. And seriously? You don't need it if you aren't going into linguistics or you're not a professional...
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    What do YOU do

    Yes and your house too.
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    Inertia, Weight, and Friction

    Actually you're right, ice would probably be close enough to be equal but snow... Imagine a small toy car on the snow, it's coefficient would be much smaller then a truck trying to plow through the snow. I'm not sure which would stop first. I think the larger one would still stop later...
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    Why are you here?

    A girl on the net who likes science? As if ;-). On a serious note I love science, which is why I'm here ;-).
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    Inertia, Weight, and Friction

    You get more friction, and thus more resistive force, but since f = ma and f = xmg (where x is the coefficient and g is the acceleration due to gravity, hence mg is weight force which is also = to normal force) thus ma = xmg and a = xmg/m a = xg deacceleration (choosing the deacceleration...
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    Intellegent turn ons?

    I find it hard to imagine someone being more intelligent then me... Sure, knowing more? Okay. But like... learning stuff quicker, understanding concepts easier and making logic jumps easier... I can't imagine it >.>;
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    Why do some people cheat on their partners?

    People cheat because monogamy sucks.
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    Can some one who understands gravity explain this?

    Chris is a crappy magician - Penn and Teller all the way.
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    Where is selfadjoint?

    :'( My message to too short. Edit: Is it bad that I am probably more upset about some physicist that I hardly knew who died then I would be if a family member die? Although I'm not -that- upset, I'm more upset right now then I have been for years.
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    Please verify the authenticity of this law

    I don't think not "knowing" a cause is equal to not having a cause.
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    Please verify the authenticity of this law

    Where did you see this 'law' posted? Because the way it is phrased is weird. But it looks basically like the definition of Cause and Effect, although, it wouldn't say that they follow the laws of "physics" because "physics" is a study. Maybe if it didn't have the "laws" part, or said "Universe"...
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    Do absolutes exist?

    Even Math has it's axioms. I'm not siding either way, because to say "No" would be saying that the answer "No, there are no absolute truths" is an absolute truths. And I'm not saying "Yes" because they're might not be! You could say, it has to be yes, because it can't be no. But again that...
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    X with respect to Y?

    Got to choose from 5 different questions to do animation type exercises in Maple. Chose number 5 but we had problems restricting the domain in the 2nd function to the time in the first function. The first function was in the form of y = t +e^t. We decided it was too hard and started on a...
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    X with respect to Y?

    I hope this doesn't get into semantics.
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    Can naked singularity actually move the space craft in PAST?

    This is all I needed to explain to me, that extremely ****ed up wikipedia page on Naked Singularites and CCH.
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    X with respect to Y?

    So I can implicitly get one? y' = 1+e^x y'' = e^x y - y'' = x?
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    X with respect to Y?

    ****, stupid mistake of mine :-). I still can't see that helping me at all though :-(.
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    X with respect to Y?

    How do I find X with respect to Y if; Y = X + e^X? If I log it then I get Log Y = Log X + X, if this is the correct step how do I isolise X from here?
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    A monk problem Edit: That is the solution to the blue eye's riddle. DO NOT CLICK THIS IF YOU STILL WANT TO SOLVE THIS MONK PROBLEM, as they are essentially the same.
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    Best Metal Bands ever

    True that :-).
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    Sorites paradox

    The paradox is demonstrating exactly that Luke. That there is a problem in drawing a line where a heap is no longer a heap. And also, the nature of language. A heap is still a heap if you take one little sand from the heap of sand, lets keep taking one grain of sand, where do you draw the line...
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    Best Metal Bands ever

    Darn, Blackcat is a good anime :P. Dual Vocals are great. Listen to The Illusionist. I like some of their other songs better, but Illusionist is probably the best one they have on their myspace.
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    Is all logic/reasoning circular?

    How would you go about proving that all logic/reasoning is circular without committing the fallacy of circular logic? Bar axioms, logic/reasoning is not circular.
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    Best Metal Bands ever

    So? They like technicality more then other stuff. Or they like them too, just not as much as DT, or they disagree with your perception of other musicians as being 'better'. Those people are just retards. See above So what if they don't like them? Edit: Also, Blackcat is an awesome...
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    I love Subway

    Donno about America, but here in Australia the amount of meat you get in Subway is perfectly fine. Just as much as in that flash presentation.