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    Inflationary framework of the universe

    Alright everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here but I've come to realize it's really helpful so I've started visiting again! Anyways, I have a little confusion about the inflationary framework of the universe. So... I've been reading this book called The Fabric of the Cosmos by...
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    What determines a substance's viscosity?

    What determines a substance's viscosity? Is it a molecular pattern or something of the sort?
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    Poisonous and Infectous

    I need to clear this up: the difference between poisonous and infectous. Apparently infectious agents are living organisms like viruses and bacteria, while poisonous substances are, well, poisonous. But can't viruses be poisonous?
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    Chloralkali Process

    How dangerous really is the chloralkali process? I know chlorine is formed, but can I bubble it into a tube or something?
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    I Need Experiments

    I'm gonna get back to experimenting soon and I would like some experiments. Something cool, fun, but with a meaning, a goal. Useful products would be fun, too.
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    Questions on HCl and H2SO4 reactions

    I am learning, on my own, with the help of textbooks kindly given to me at Christmas by my grandfather and my own experimenting, some more advanced chemistry than what I studied in Grade Seven. Partly as preparation for High School, and partly for my own knowledge. However, I ran across some...
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    Replacing the Gasoline Engine

    What will replace the gasoline ICE? Personally I go with Hydorgen Fuel Cells, but each his own opinion...
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    Na or NaO

    Can I get Na or NaO relatively easily and using not very complex/unfindable chemicals?
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    Law of Levers

    When you calculate the two moments for the law of the levers, they are supposed to be the same, right?
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    Heat Absorbing Materials

    Are there materials that can absorb/trap heat and accumulate it efficiently?
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    Fuel cell project

    I gotta learn this stuff for my fuel cell project. Anyone know any good websites on it?
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    Fuel Cell System

    Here are the descriptions of two of my designs. ET1: Turbine and Electrolysis System The Turbine: I have used the water vapour exhaust of a PEM fuel cell to run a turbine to make electricity. After the water vapour has passed through the turbine it goes to electrolysis system. The...
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    How Do I Get An Avatar

    I couldn't find where I could upload an avatar in my profile.
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    Could I speed up the reaction of electrlysis by using a catalyst?

    Could I speed up the reaction of electrlysis by using a catalyst?
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    What's the insulating in houses made out of?

    What's the insulating in houses made out of?