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    Origin of notations in physics.

    Does anyone know a resource (book, website, etc.) where the origin of notations in physics is described? For instance it is clear that F comes from force, but it is not clear why c is the speed of light. I would like to find out how did people come up with the existing notations for physical...
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    Applications of optical devices in environmental science.

    Are there any applications of optical devices in environmental science? What technologies, companies and research groups are involved?
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    Cell phone, mp3 player in the lab

    Is it it safe for electronics in physics labs (spectroscopy devices, lasers, AFM, Teraherz microscope) to use: - cell phone - radio - mp3 player Can they cause any noise in electronics and distort signals from photon counting detectors or influence lasers somehow? I'm asking because our...
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    Clever way to write a thesis

    Hi everyone. Could you share your ideas on how to write a thesis in the most clever way. Does it first make sense to present your results, then discuss them writing theory at the same time or it´s better to write an introduction and literature review at first? Who has got what experience on how...
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    Help on optical aberrations needed

    Does anybody know what can be the reason for such an aberration of initially Gaussian shaped laser beam (see attached picture)? Optical elements in the light path: linearly polarized diode 470nm laser, single mode polarization conserving fiber, collimator, mirror, lens, round 50 micrometer...
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    Schools German universities

    A question to people from America: are any German universities known in America?
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    Circular polarized light

    How is it possible to tell that light is circularly polarized using half-wave plate and a linear polarizer?
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    Books about academic career

    Did anyone read any good books with advice on developing your academic career starting from grd school? Or everyone is just spontaneous or listening to what your prof says. I find that for people, who are not absolute geniuses it's necessary to know this kind of stuff to succeed in making a...
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    Eye safety with lasers

    A question to people coupling lasers to optical fibers. What is the power and exposure time of laser beam directed in the eye which is considered dangerous? The ones I´m currently working with are 15 mW. Are there any ways to couple laser beam to a fiber without having to look into another end...
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    Adjustment of optics resources

    Hi everyone, who knows where to find a good introduction into adjustment of optical components, like making sure that light correctly centered on a lens, so that there are no aberrations, adjustment of mirrors under certain angles and such. I've been looking for some advice on adjustment, but...
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    How to measure light wavelength exactly?

    Hi people, does anybody know what the simplest device that can be used to measure monochromatic light wavelength exactly? Thanks.