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    Reporting on the BBC on molar agenesis in modern humans?

    Whilst driving yesterday I half-heard a headline on BBC radio which appeared to be about a new Australian study on molar agenesis (they did not use that term). Now I can find no reference to this study on the BBC website nor anywhere else - can anyone here shed any light on this?
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    Insights author link is broken by space character

    As title: the auto-generated link is like [Broken]. Courtney/ but it needs to be to work. It really ought to be (per the HTTP standard)...
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    Standard representation for arbitrary size/precision numbers

    Is there a standard way of representing numbers of arbitrary size or precision for storage in a text file, JSON message, variable etc.? I am thinking of representing integers as decimal strings e.g. "-12345678901234567" and floats as an ordered pair (array) of strings representing decimal...
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    Are answers in this part of the forum unneccessarily pedantic?

    Maths is a precice science*, but when using maths in the real world most people, including many mathematicians, generally take 'short cuts' which result in specifications of a problem or descriptions of a solution which are strictly incomplete. This has a number of advantages: it is quicker...