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    There are so many tools for parents these days.

    There are so many tools for parents these days. The cable boxes have parental controls. The satellite boxes have parental controls. There are v-chips built into the T.Vs. There is an excellent rating system. Why then must EVERYBODY suffer. I'm not a kid and I have no kids. I lOVE hip-hop but I...
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    Sci-Fi Gravity

    How come on whatever Sci-fi show/movie e.g. Startrek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, star.*, etc. you never see people struggling to pick up their feet or bouncing around freely on whatever random planet they visit, as though whatever planet happens to have exactly the same as Earth's mass, isn't...
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    PSA : Making roadkill.

    Many motorists have experienced birds fluttering in front of their car, often flying in the same direction, but they get away at the last minute. Not always... A bird is flying in front of my car, with another bird, either fighting or playing, but the bird was too distracted I guess and flew out...
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    Michael Jackson

    I did a search for "Michael" and "Jackson" and "Michael Jackson" but I didn't see a thread but if this is redundant please give me a link because I suck at finding things. It was a tossup between social sciences and politics and world affairs so I put it here. But I need to vent. I haven't...
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    Battle at Omaha beach so much bloodier

    Why was the battle at Omaha beach so much bloodier than the other beaches on Normandy? Did the U.S.A. know this beforehand? If so couldn't they just leave Omaha beach alone and attacked the other beaches?
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    Seeing colors differenty.

    This is something I thought of when I was a little kid, but I know I'm not the only one who's thought of this. Perhaps people here know the answer. I didn't know where to post, I guessed it could have belonged in Biology, but this has to do with beauty, as colors are very important to me and I'm...
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    Take a quarter, leave a penny.

    At the convenient store there is a take a penny/leave a penny tray. In it are two quarters. You buy all your stuff but you have only one quarter change, and you really need to make an important phone-call. The nearest payphone is across the street at the gas station and it costs fifty cents. Is...
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    News Where did the president go?

    If President Bush is continuously touring the nation campaigning, who's running the country? :surprised
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    News Pro hunter Kerry bags a goose

    Legendary outdoorsman John Kerry today has borrowed a camouflauge coat and successfully slain an elusive goose with a 12-gage shotgun. The goose ranks as the worlds most difficult to kill creature, and voters should stand in awe of his transendental hunting ability.
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    Competition at the root level

    I learned that trees and plants compete for survival just like other species. They compete for sunlight and nutrients in the soil. If you're a tree who wants to catch some rays, the goal is to grow as big and tall as possible, and make the enemy trees eat shade. But how do they compete for...
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    Air/Water Pressure Direction

    If you're on a submarine at the bottom of the ocean and you swim out, do you get crushed from all around, or just from the top? I read in a couple places that the pressure is exerted from all directions, but I thought that the pressure is like the "weight" of all the fluid stacked above you. I...