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  1. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    Water splitting catalyst help please

    Hi there. We are working on a school science project to compare how different catalysts in water splitting affect the energy/voltage needed to carry out the process. One of our catalysts will be Co-Pi, which is created by adding Cobalt-nitrate to a .1M phosphate buffer solution during...
  2. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    B U-238 decay chain question

    Hi. We are using a Pb-210 needle source for our cloud chamber science project. Are we correct that the tracks we are seeing inside the chamber radiating off the needle are: 1) Beta tracks from Pb-210 decaying into Bi-210 (in the .063 MeV range) 2) Beta tracks from Bi-210 decaying into Po-210...
  3. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    B Muon shielding possibilities

    Hi! If water and hydrocarbon rich materials are good at absorbing cosmic radiation, would they also work for shielding muons at sea-level? What about gamma rays and electrons created by muon decay at sea-level...what would be good shields against those? Thanks!
  4. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    B Beta particle penetration in our cloud chamber?

    Hello. We are elementary school kids who built a cloud chamber for our science project to test out the effectiveness of different shields against background radiation. We are not sure about something involving beta-particles. Can you help us please? We know low-energy beta particles cannot...