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    What is Quantum correlation

    hi i want to know that what is quantum and classical correlation. is there any book or paper? thanks
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    Mathematica Plotting data in mathematica

    hi i compile a c++ program and after compiling it gives me a txt file which contains about 50000 points. how i can plot these points in mathematica? thanks
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    Mathematica Problem in NDSolve in mathematica

    i want to solve a large system of coupled differential equations but i get this error NDSolve::nlnum: i attach the notebook in zip format. what is the problem? thanks
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    Mathematica Integro-Differential Equation with mathematica

    hi how can i solve a system of Integro-Differential Equations in mathematica numerically or analytically? thanks
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    Mathematica How to define local variables and constants in mathematica

    hi suppose i run Two notebook and in each of them i have matrix A and Constant B and a function C in each notebook these things have the same name. if in notebook 1 i assign B=10 then in notebook 2 B is 10 too , which is not my desire. how can i define these constants and matrices and...
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    Mathematica Running simultaneous computation in mathematica

    hi when i run a heavy computation on mathematica in the same time even if i want to calculate 2+2 , mathematica does not calculate it until calculating of heavy computation finishes. why? another problem is that when i do a heavy computation and obtain results , after closing mathematica...
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    Mathematica Problem with superscript and subscript in mathematica

    hi i want to sum over two indices i and j . the elemet that i must sum is (x^(i,j))-i that is x has superscript i,j and subscript i. but in mathematica it gives me error. here is the notebook : [Broken] thanks (:
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    Mathematica Parametric plot in mathematica

    hi i solve numerically two coupled equation and obtain two function x[t] and y[t]. how i plot x[t] versus y[t] so that horizontal axis to be x[t] and vertical axis to be y[t]. here is the notebook of mathematica [Broken] thanks
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    ODE System with Variable Coefficients

    hi suppose we have this equation : d/dt(X)=A(t)*X x is a n by 1 column matrix and A is a n by n matrix that is the matrix of coefficients. coefficients of equations and consequently A are depend on t which is time. how i Solve this equation ? thanks
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    Mathematica Solving equation with mathematica

    hi i want to solve this equation a/x=Cosh[b/x] i set a=1 and b=5 and use NSolve code but mathematica say it can not solve it. but with maple i get real and imaginary parts. 1-is there another method to solve this equation numerically? 2-can this equation be solve for arbitrary a and b...
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    Mathematica Solve matrix differential system and asymptotic solution in mathematica

    hi i want to solve equation d/dt(A)=B which A and B are n by n matrices. the matrices variable is t which is time. 1-how i can solve this equation? 2-how i can obtain asymptotic solution for time=infinite? i use some help of this topic but i get error in mathematica...
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    What is Spin Hall effect and quantum hall effect

    hi what is Spin Hall effect and quantum hall effect? i can not find a good description on do you have a good link or description? and another question: why in franck hertz experiment we use MERCURY instead of hydrogen? thanks
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    3 question of Ballmer experiment

    hi in Ballmer experiment we have a lamp of hydrogen gas and we put on it a high voltage in order to excite the electron . then we see 3 line of light. this 3 line of light are resulted from falling electron from layer with n=3 , 4 ,5 to layer with n=2. in Ballmer expriment which we see...