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    Sqrt(x^2) and (Sqrt x)^2

    Sir let (sqrt x)^2=x And substitute x=-1, then we would have (i)^2=-1. Is it right?
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    Sqrt(x^2) and (Sqrt x)^2

    Sorry Second one was actually (sqrt x)^2. Sir if this is not defined, then how we define iota?
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    Sqrt(x^2) and (Sqrt x)^2

    Thank You Mark44 Please also tell me whether they are equal to each other or not?
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    Sqrt(x^2) and (Sqrt x)^2

    Please tell me Sqrt (x^2)=______ For All Real Numbers (Sqrt x^2)=______ For All Real Numbers Thank YOu..!
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    1^2 = (-1)^2

    Another Question Sir, Is it right that sqrt(x^2)=(sqrtx)^2 for all real x?
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    1^2 = (-1)^2

    Bur Sir, Sqrt(x^2)=x is valid only when x is positive. How can it be valid for -1?
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    1^2 = (-1)^2

    Then Sir what will be the square of i?
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    1^2 = (-1)^2

    1^2=(-1)^2 taking square root on B.s 1=-1..?
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    Solving Exponential Equation

    We know how to solve problems like e^ax+e^bx=k, when a=2b. But how to solve equations of this type when a is not equal to 2b?
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    Entropy Change Associated with Work

    Why entropy change associated with work is zero?
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    Continuum Idealization

    Please explain how the Continuum Idealization allows us to treat properties as point functions and to assume that properties vary continually in space no jump continuity? Thanks
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    Internally Reversible and Isothermal Processes

    What are Internally reversible processes and why isothermal processes are reversible? Also, Isothermal process are only internally reversible or they can be "externally" reversible?
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    Gravitational Slingshot Effect

    Thank YOu tiny-tim and Berkaman
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    Gravitational Slingshot Effect

    Thanks Dear. Please also explain that why the object doesn't orbit around the planet...? Which force(s) pushes it away from the planet even when Gravitational Attraction is present between the object and the planet.
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    Gravitational Slingshot Effect

    Please explain Gravitational Slingshot Effect? And when an object passes near from a planet, why it doesn't start orbiting around the planet? Why the object is pushed away even when there is attractive force (Gravity) between object and planet ..?
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    Specific Volume of Boiling Liquid

    My dear please explain the part about liquids. Thank You
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    Specific Volume of Boiling Liquid

    Why the specific volume of a liquid decreases with the increase in pressure at saturation temperature and why the specific volumes of vapor at saturation temperature decreases with increasing pressure??
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    Average Velocity

    In the photo attached, i have tried to derive the formula that average velocty is equal to the sum of initial and final velocities divided by two. But i am not sure about one step encircled in the photo. I don't know whether encircled step is right or wrong. I have another idea of deriving this...
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    AWG System

    In AWG Gages, how diameter is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the conductor?
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    Working of a Constant Volume Gas Thermometer

    How a constant volume gas thermometer works? In "Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach" by Cengal, author says that this type of thermometer is usually filled with Hydrogen or Helium and We use Constant volume gas thermometers for measuring temperatures near absolute zero. Now if volume is...
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    Best Computational Software

    I am student of BS Mechanical first year. I want to which is the best computational software for this level, i.e. Mathematica, Matlab or Maple any other? Thank You
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    Mathematica Integration in Mathematica

    What is Mathematica command for differential equation y''+2y'+5y=(sinx)*(e^x)?
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    Matrix Solution and variable multiplication

    Can we multiply a row with a variable and add it with another row while solving homogeneous system of equations as a matrix?
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    Interval of Definition

    Dear Sir, if we are given an Initial value problem, say at x0, y=y0, then the interval of definition will be the largest interval containing the (x0,y0) on which the solution is "sufficiently differentiable. Am i right sir?
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    Interval of Definition

    What is interval of definition of a solution of a Differential Equation? How can we find the interval of definition of a differential equation? What are the properties of this interval? Is the solution of the DE and DE itself are continuous and differentiable on the interval?
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    MATLAB Integration in Matlab

    How can we evaluate the following Differential equation in Matlab dy/dx=(mg-by^2)/m What will the cod3 or command for evaluating this integral? Also please give the command for finding definite integrals??
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    MATLAB Integral of sinx in MatLab

    Please tell me the code or whatever we call it for finding the integral of sinx in MatLab? Also how to evaluate definite integral from, say, 1 to 2?
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    Relativity of velocity

    At high speeds, length contracts, time dilates and mass varies but what is the effect of high speed on speed itself and acceleration?
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    Movement of a vector when multiplied by a matrix

    Let a matrix 1 1 1 1 If we multiply all the points/vectors in a plane with this matrix, what will be the resultant?
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    Movement of a vector when multiplied by a matrix

    What is the effect on a vector when it is multiplied by a matrix? Let any matrix 2 3 3 5 What will be the effect on vectors when they are multiplied with this matrix? In which direction will they move? What will be the effect of multiplying vectors with any matrix of order n by n?