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    Draw for the world cup

    Yeah, the Reverees! :biggrin:
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    Draw for the world cup

    I feel sorry for South Africa. South Africa Mexico Uruguay France The chances of advancing are virtually nil...
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    WINDOWS 7 - No Sound on AC'97

    That was my first approach Topher, but it didn't do the trick. After that I dove into the realms of the internets and tried a multitude of drivers (Realtek's first), all to no avail. Someone else suggested it might be the Services/Dependencies not being started, but everything looks good...
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    WINDOWS 7 - No Sound on AC'97

    Thats what i thought. I have already done that. WIN 7 picked up the "new hardware", tried to install it with the same (negative) result. Lucky you... :tongue:
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    Evababi outpost tavern

    Aah, now it makes sense. I was looking at the wrong line (Friday, December 4, 2009 :redface:) and was under the impression the article was fairly recent. It's a shame, but the writing was on the wall even back then. Maybe a relocation is in order...
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    Evababi outpost tavern

    Yes, I understand. The "closing forever" part is what I don't get. The NYT article says it's been rescued (new grill and all) instead of being forced to close down. Enlighten me! :smile:
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    Evababi outpost tavern

    I don't get it?
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    Why I hate the english language."
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    WINDOWS 7 - No Sound on AC'97

    I see I'm not alone. By saying you mean the audio drivers and the AC'97 "device" in Device Manager? Right now I'm trying to hunt down the audio driver thats ON the WIN 7 DVD through "exploring" it. No luck so far. Any idea what to look for, name of it, file extension etc.?
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    Why I hate the english language.

    Look, this guy is Canadian, too, he can teach you. :biggrin:<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param [Broken] name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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    PF PHOTO CONTEST - Landmarking (Nov 29 -Dec 5)

    Hey, I've got a ghost town, too! Steins, New Mexico. [Broken][/URL]
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    WINDOWS 7 - No Sound on AC'97

    No upgrade, full install of WIN 7 Ultimate. Problem is just like the title says. Screens: [Broken] [Broken] Icon in taskbar says: "No Audio Output Device is installed"...
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    Will Battlefield 2 run on an Intel GMA3100 IGP?

    Happens all the time. Best Buy, CompUSA aren't any better than Fry's either. People seem to be learning only the hard way. I bet you anything, had you built it yourself you'd have had a superior PC for half the price.
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    Google Wave

    PM is out...
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    Davy's Safety lamp (a little help)
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    Praise New GD Layout

    It's here:
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    Radeon HD 4850 85*C idle, 110*C under load.

    It's degrees C allright. 4850s are known for high temps:,1957-22.html What you can do: - get a case with better air flow, - install an after market heatsink. Good news is I have never heard of a 4850 burning up, they seem to like...
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    Moon movie, imdb goofs

    Write your rebuttal and I'll post it for you on IMDB. :tongue:
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    Anyone into Black Friday?

    Me too... :wink:
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    Anyone into Black Friday?

    Don't you badmouth NewEgg! The most awesomest (yes, with an "st") store EVER!
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    Will this CPU be fully compatible with this motherboard?

    Excellent board, much better than the Foxconn. You shouldn't have any problems with the Core II and the RAM.
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    How does your Garden grow?

    You might be wrong here. I remember my grandmother hated them and hunted them relentlessly because they damaged her garden.
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    Antivirus Software

    Avast! Home Edition 5.0.239 Beta / 4.8.1368 available:,2817,2356315,00.asp Download:"
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    Heritage turkeys

    PETA can go where the sun don't shine. Mmmmmmmmmm, TURKEY!
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    Help, I've fallen for an astrophysicst!

    Here you go: - Just kidding! :biggrin: It means it took him a couple of minutes to "get it".
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    Antivirus Software

    I noticed there is always the occasional user looking for advice regarding anti virus software. To make the decision easier and provide some pretty good info along the way, had 16 AV/malware detection/removal programs going head to head in a comprehensive test. 10 malware...
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    Missing #

    What's the missing number and why? [Broken][/URL]
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    Bears playing hockey

    The goalies are still hibernating! :biggrin:
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    Something cool I found

    Pretty cool. I like it! :-)
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    Trivial question about correct English grammar

    This one?