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    Trouble with parrallelizing for loop with openMP, cpp

    Hi, I'm working on doing some slight parallelization of a for loop in the force calculation in a molecular dynamics simulation, using openMP. (probably not up for a proper MPI implementation yet) It should only need to parallelize the force loop since 90% ish of the time is spent calculating...
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    What subjects for ice modelling

    Hi. I will soon wrap up my physics bachelor and have lately been considering specializing in modelling of ice thawing and freezing processes. What types of math and physics are involved in those kind of processes and what subjects should I make sure I know. What classes would be useful...
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    Foreign exchange to China?

    I'm thinking of taking one of my semesters, autumn 2013, in China. I would need to take something equivalent to a statistical physics course while there, but most universities with a physics degree should have that. I'm a Norwegian and will be at the end of a bachelor if that has any relevance...
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    Statistics - Finding marginal distribution through integration (I think?)

    Homework Statement Problem 2 Assume that the number Y of customers entering a store is a Poisson random variable with rate λ . Let X denote the number of these customers being a woman. The probability that a customer is a woman is denoted by p. Also, assume that all customers enter the...
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    Finding maximum likelihood function for 2 normally distributed samples

    Homework Statement The question is about how to combine to different samples done with 2 different methods of the same phenomena. Method 1 gives normally distributed variables X_1,X_2,...X_{n_1}, with \mu and \sigma^2_1 Method 1 gives normally distributed variables Y_1,Y_2,...,Y_{n_2}...