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    Help Applying Norton and Thevin Equivalents

    Homework Statement I am to find the Thevin and Norton equivalents of the following circuits, my problem being I am new to these method and any help is appreciated also is there any way to simplify this circuit properly?
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    Mesh Method and Node Method Check

    Homework Statement Given the following circuit using mesh's method to solve for the power of the dependent source. Using the same circuit and using the node voltage method solve for the power of the dependent source. Circuit: Homework Equations Noting that I have to implement a...
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    ATX Wire Color Help

    I managed to pick up a few years old PSU from the computer science professor at college :D, If anyone remembers my post a few weeks ago I was very enthusiastic about this. However, I've identified all wires labeled and from the standard tutorials on the internet, the white wire typically listed...
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    Micontroller Projects with PIC

    Please, do not tell me to go google this, and searching these forums. I am perfectly capable of doing so. However, I am posting here to hear unique idea's something google cannot find, to me at least, as any good hobbyist/engineer are always having random sparks of creativity anywhere, any time...
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    Third Equation Of Motion Question

    I am wondering how is the third equatio of motion derived, I was reading a text on my physics course which it is very unclear how they exactly they arrived to this equation, knowing this from the book, using the equations for velocity and position, you can combine them to get 3 new equations of...
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    Simple Electrical Trick Question Maybe?

    Homework Statement I had posted another thread a week ago where I was given a function q(t) that t was defined in millisecond, and I had to evaluate q(t) at 0 and infinity then I had to do the same thing when I found the current I(t) in Coulombs/ms, Now i have do the same further more by...
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    Speed of Impact Typical

    Homework Statement I've seen this problem on here only twice, once never answered, and the other just saying the OP's "solution" was on the right track Problem: You are arguing over a cell phone while trailing an unmarked police car by 37 m. Both your car and the police car are...
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    Stupid Speed Question

    Homework Statement A car travels up the hill at a constant speed of 30 km/h, then returns down hill at the speed 66 km/h. Calculate the average speed round trip I can't believe I am stumped on such a kindergarten problem, I hate online homework and the garbage system they are designed on...
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    Engineering Circuit Analysis: Simple Problem

    Homework Statement We are given the following equations in my circuit analysis class. q(t) = 2 - 2e^{-100 \cdot t} Where I am told to find q(0) = ?, q(\infty) = ?, I(0) = ?, I(\infty) = ? q represents the number of coulombs in a charge of a circuit I believe? I represent...
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    Help buying first breadboard

    Help buying first breadboard :) As a current undergraduate computer engineer, sophmore division, I still have quite a way to go but I want to start putting things together in front of me more physically on the home front...nothing massive just some simple circuits to start with such as...