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    Anti-gravitons affect on photons?

    Black holes are known to absorp photons at almost every frequency (Except Hawking radiation to my knowledge) my question is do anti-gravitons affect photons in an oppositive fashion(repel photons)? Or do photons get absorbed by them(anti-gravitons) aswell?
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    Charge question?

    Sorry for so many stupid questions, but what exactly creates the charge in an electron, proton, neutron, anti matter, quarks, and does positive or negative charges play a role in gravity?
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    How is cold Plasma possible?

    I thought plasma was the most energetic state of matter, and that heat is proportional to energy levels? How is it possible for cold plasma then?
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    Black holes effect Reality?

    When a star turns into a black hole does it change the movement of the Universe at all? Through a funneling effect?
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    Telekenesis (Not what you think)

    I am writting a book, and a character has "Telekenesis", but I want scientific reasons for this character to be able to (create a force field, create a concussive force, fly), I am not trying to prove or disprove Telekenesis just does anybody know how somebody could create such effects through...