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  1. K

    Im looking for someone special

    Now I'm actually interested in this tribdog guy. Why do his posts usually get taken down?
  2. K

    Im looking for someone special

    My mistake. That was the weirdest sh** I've seen... today.
  3. K

    Im looking for someone special

    ... oh wow. Is this what they call irony?
  4. K

    Is Psychology and social science really a science?

    Psychology doesn't really seem that scientific as of now (compared to more experimentally verifiable studies), but don't demean the whole thing. It's still young and it's gotta start somewhere right? It's not like Newton said "When I throw this apple up into the air, the space-time curvature...
  5. K

    Im looking for someone special

    Wait... I'm confused. So is pallidin tribdog or what?
  6. K

    I'm a skinny guy

    Man... why did you have to say that. I'm crazy skinny now (not that I want to be), but I'm a lazy schmuck. Once those pounds start piling up, there ain't nothing I'm gonna do about it. What a life. Going from underweight to overweight with just a short layover in Atlanta.