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    I'm so lost! Volume and tension?

    you already have the density and dont need to work it out mass of the ball = 0.3kg density of the ball = 100kgm^(-3) re arrange your density formula to solve for volume, v v=m/d insert numbers and out pops the volume v = 0.3/100 m^3
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    Parallel transport

    hi, i am trying to show that the amount by which a vector is rotated by parallel transport around a triangle whose sides are arcs of great circles equals the excess of the sum of the angles over 180 degrees. this is what i have found out so far call the angles of the triangle (assuming...
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    Probability problem

    thanks for the reply! i'm not sure i completely understand. for starters i cant see how you can say that -p0> -p1 and p0>p1. doesnt mutliplying by a negative change the inequality. and in your tiny step guide i see it boils down to showing whether X<Y, which was the the part i wasnt sure...
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    Probability problem

    hi i am trying to show that for 2 probabilities p_{0} and p_{1} that X=\frac{p_{1}}{p_{0}} cannot be further from 1 than Y=\frac{p_{1}(1-p_{0})}{p_{0}(1-p_{1})} how i went about the problem was as follows: i split it into 3 cases, case 1 is where p_{0}=p_{1}, case 2 is where p_{0}>p_{1}...