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    Computerized wave display

    If it's like using an oscilloscope, then you have to count how many divisions are in a single period, and with that you can calculte the freq. as well For the amplitude count how many divisions in the y axis does the waveform have
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    E/m question

    The field E between the plates is \frac{1}{\epsilon_0} \sigma in SI units, that should give you a hint
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    Rational Number Help

    Krab is right provided that you define x^{-1} =u and the like for y and z and work with those auxiliary variables
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    Electrical Energy Problem

    What size are the inner and outter surfaces of the cell wall? Are the charges distributed uniformly? I guess that you have to calculate the electric field, but the electric field depends on the cell wall.
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    Help with a derivative

    By the way, the total deriv. is: \frac{3330 e^{-0.6t}}{(1 + 74 e^{-0.6 t})^2}
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    Help with a derivative

    Yeah, there ain't no problem with using the rule of quotients with the deriv. you just calculated. The quotient rule is independant of how you calculate each derivative. By the way, there ain't no need to use logarithmic derivative since the derivative of exp() is soooo easy. d\frac{ 1 +...