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    Mass of a Cone with varying Density

    I think LCKurtz is correct but just to be clear, I do believe there will be a \pi in the answer. It will be hidden inside B
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    Change of variables for PDE

    hi, i am having difficulty trying to find a change of variables to solve this partial differential equation \frac{\partial f}{\partial t} = t^\gamma \frac{\partial ^2 f}{\partial x^2} not sure how to pluck out a change of variables by looking at the equation as its definately not obvious to the...
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    Related rates of increase

    hey guys, just wondering if i did this correctly a spherical balloon is to be filled with water so that there is a constant increase in the rate of its surface area of 3cm2/sec . a) Find the rate of increase in the radius when the radius is 3cm. b) Find the volume when the volume is...