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    I would like to buy some software but not sure which one! Please help ;)

    Hi singleton. I've used both Maple and Mathematica (althoug not Calculus Wiz) and I would say that at the calculus level there isn't much difference. Say, you need to check the derivative of something, and the integral of some other function? Both will do the trick. In Mathematica (the...
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    Mental Calculation - How good are you?

    But how about calculating e^3 or e^{1.4} mentally? To find out how, read "Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman"
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    Equivalent Statements

    Your problem seems to be i^4 =i^0 \quad /()^{\frac{1}{2}} i^2 \neq i^0 Well, the thing is that one has to be more careful when dealing with complex numbers, and specially with complex functions. In any case (i^4) ^{\frac{1}{2}}^=1 That's because when dealing with complex numbers...
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    Homework help (Basic Algebra-Division of polynomials)

    Using synthetic div I got \frac{-33}{2-x}+(19 + 12 x + 2 x^2 + 3 x^3) I think you're using the same method. If so, you should multiply by 2. Remember that when dividing by x-c you multiply by c.
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    Pi miscalculated or not irrational?

    A really neat demostration of the fact tha Pi is irrational can be found in Spivak's Calculus
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    Inequality Problem

    Nonsense. It's customary to extend functions by means of continuity to points where it isn't defined. For instance, x \sin \frac{1}{x}} is defined as equals to 0 at x=0 by continuity. That doesn't mean that I'm defining 1/x in the set of Real numbers, I'm defining the whole function.
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    Inequality Problem

    But you can always define \frac{\frac{1}{x}+1}{\frac{1}{x}-1} = 1 at 0 by means of continuity.