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    Flywheel bolts shearing

    Why is the engine vibrating so much? Have you done a study on the primary vibration levels? Can engine and trans mounts be redone to include isolators? D
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    Worm set

    The clue is understanding what spur gears and worm gears do at high speed. which one has less friction? I'm a bit rusty here... But I think that spurs had less friction at high speed. So I would set the spurs first to step it down then the worm gear to step it down the rest of the way...
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    Computation of forces of liquid sloshing inside a cylindrical tank

    Hello, I am trying to develop a formula to calculate the force of water sloshing against the inside of a cylinder. While there has been a lot of development of baffles and structures designed to minimize the effect of sloshing liquids in tanks, we are doing some studies of liquids in small...