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  1. ramzerimar

    Books for the theoretical minimum video courses

    What's your background in mathematics? Kleppner & Kolenkow is a classic book on mechanics. I've heard that Griffith's book on electrodynamics is very good, also. But book of them require you to have a solid understanding of calculus.
  2. ramzerimar

    Classical How good is this Thermo textbook?

    I don't think so. My teacher uses this textbook, and looks like it is used in a lot of other universities around the world. It's a common textbook for mechanical engineering thermodynamics. Also, I don't think Thermo is one of the hardest ME classes...
  3. ramzerimar

    Calculus Calculus 1 text book - Need review of precalculus

    You should have a good grasp of all the basic functions you learned in high school: exponentials, logarithms, ttrigonometric... But I don't think you should worry too much with that (trying to be tip-top shape, like you said). You will intuitively review all of that while learning calculus...