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    "burial" in outer space

    You could become the "Lucy" for some other civilizations. :)
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    What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?

    Answer: About 50 IQ points
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    Halo around a blackhole

    Shouldn't there be halo of EM waves around all the blackholes? When a star falls into a blackhole, there has to be some radiation perpendicular to the blackhole, which is at some point at the right distance to form a halo. Is the amount of bending of light due to gravity same for all EM waves...
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    My dwarf is bigger than your dwarf

    What's the motivation for the people to push to make Pluto a planet? Any Plutonian lobbying?
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    Black Holes NOT Science?

    Is there an equation that calculate how much gravitational force is needed to bend the light, say, to form an arc of x radius? EDIT: Never mind. Some google search pointed me to the following url. I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough to understand...
  6. J

    Picture of our galaxy

    Thanks for the clarification. That helped to ease out things.
  7. J

    Picture of our galaxy

    "artist conceptions" was the answer to my question. I cannot put that in my question. I clearly mentioned in my OP that it is about our galaxy.
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    Picture of our galaxy

    I felt the earlier responses were a bit rude and sarcastic. I thought my question was clear. Seems like I was wrong.
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    Picture of our galaxy

    I see. I never thought the milkyway picture is completely an artist's impression (of course, with scientific evidence given in Austronuc's link I was assuming it was an extrapolation of the pictures of the nearby stars. I wonder how they pin...
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    Picture of our galaxy

    I said it looks like. I would also be interested to see our galaxy's picture from outside.
  11. J

    Picture of our galaxy

    You need a link to see the picture of our galaxy? Never mind.
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    Picture of our galaxy

    How have we taken the picture of our own galaxy? All the milkyway pictures look like taken from outside the galaxy.
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    Blackhole article on cnn In this article, in couple of places they mention about space moving faster than light. It's incorrect, right? (from the article) . . . . Hamilton also described them as places where space is falling faster...
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    BH in our galaxy

    If there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy, why does the center of our galaxy looks so bright?
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    Question on Mercury

    Still being so close to the sun, what prevents the planet Mercury from vaporizing away?
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    Gravity in space

    Why there is zero gravity in space? Shouldn't there always be a resultant gravity in every point in the space from all the stars/planets in the universe?