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  1. Ralph Dratman

    I The Generalized Chain Rule

    That is a much better way of looking at it!
  2. Ralph Dratman

    I Isn't it terrifying that AI can become smarter than any Mathematician?

    in actual history, when computers enter a new field, they have always helped people do their existing jobs. Actually replacing people is rare, as far as I can see. At worst, I suspect mathematicians will be enabled to spend more time asking challenging questions and combining new answers with...
  3. Ralph Dratman

    B Ideal Base for a Number System

    I think you hit it with twelve. Shall we use A and B for the extra digits? I like this already. About the only sad part is that we have 21 new multiplication facts to learn. I fear that would have broken me in 4th grade. I can remember crying over the multiplication table even in the old ten...
  4. Ralph Dratman

    B Ideal Base for a Number System

    Why can you not edit your posts?
  5. Ralph Dratman

    B Ideal Base for a Number System

    But base 60 has fifty new "digits" beyond 0-9 for the K-12 math committee to invent, along with 1725 new multiplication facts that every child has to learn. I think in that case very few people would ever pass 4th grade. Certainly I never would have.
  6. Ralph Dratman

    Insights The Case for Learning Complex Math - Comments

    I agree about using ordered pairs. If one considers a vector space of two dimensions equipped with a specific multiplication operation (vector * vector -> vector) corresponding with complex multiplication, the concept of an "imaginary" something goes away, while leaving notation and computation...